Archives for the month of: June, 2012

then I am still here

brush with ink on paper


portrait in green room

brush & ink on paper

the spark of creation

i walk into the warmth

this blue and green ocean

gave me back

maybe because we are born of liquid

or maybe,

it has to do with rebirth

and the spark of creation

I thirst so

utility plastic

pen and ink with charcoal 1982

all that obsessed time

the hot blue sky,

utility plastic melting in the sun

 portrait of German artist

to taste their magic

I swallow my dreams

to taste their magic

Vision after vision

lift up and through these walls

and still I am here

the ancient cyclops of my youth

as the ancient cyclops of my youth

reached down again from high

I spoke into it’s┬ápresence

up towards an azure sky

Rainbow ship on an afternoon sea

the nature of abstraction
a composition of thought

in a dream I saw my freedom ship

brush and ink on paper

compress miles into feelings

I look out and into nature

and fly with my eyes

I look up and into my dream

compress miles into feelings