Visual arts and poetry have always been my link to the magical and eternal. Much of the earlier paintings are from 1978-1995. A period I was very fortunate to have a patron and an artist’s agent. Both of these men helped me to have the time to paint. Most of the poetry is from a brief time in the early 90’s. The photos are more recent, as are some of the newer paintings, where I’ve returned to my love of nature. Ten years ago I went through #4 cancer treatment. I believe that experience provided enough drama, and I no longer seem drawn to express it in my art. I do still love the dramatic and poignant in life, and in a way I see much of my earlier artwork in this way. This journal is my “inner parlor,” as with any home there are different rooms. I’ve always been attracted to subjects with mystery and subtlety and a bit more personal content.

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