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utility plastic

pen and ink with charcoal 1982

all that obsessed time

the hot blue sky,

utility plastic melting in the sun


compress miles into feelings

I look out and into nature

and fly with my eyes

I look up and into my dream

compress miles into feelings

i walk into the warmth

this blue and green ocean

gave me back

maybe because we are born of liquid

or maybe,

it has to do with rebirth

and the spark of creation

I thirst so

nite cllub

more art in favor of the freedom to express.
brush and ink on linen paper

For years I have kept some of this artwork more private for a number of reasons, and feel in response to the ever growing drumbeat of the anti openness and anti gay movement, that has changed.
By nature I tend to keep a low profile, events of late have made it clear those days are gone. Now I think it maybe necessary to pronounce my feelings.


layered dialog

another painting from my pro gay series