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Pen and ink sepia from 1978 of the great American composer.


e-adoration 3 partadoration 3 part - detail

e-adoration 3 part - detail b

6′ x 8′ India ink and acrylic paint on canvas.

1994, Market St. studio SD CA.

immersed  in words

brush and India ink  1990

i imerse myself in words

undulate in their mystery

my sleekness,

so charming

may i please you

your desires…

in fury

with spirit attached to all

whose passion and rage

was so vivid and real

 portrait of German artist

For years I have kept some of this artwork more private for a number of reasons, and feel in response to the ever growing drumbeat of the anti openness and anti gay movement, that has changed.
By nature I tend to keep a low profile, events of late have made it clear those days are gone. Now I think it maybe necessary to pronounce my feelings.